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Gabapentin to buy online Sierra Brasserie

This is located on the second floor (main entrance) and third floor (upper restaurant and terrace) of the Yaya Centre. Experience a modern interpretation of a classical French Brasserie serving simple yet elegant food.

Caldes de Montbui Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo is a haven for all the lovers of Italian cuisine. The place gives off a warm homey feeling while offering exquisite sea food, pasta and vintage wine. Divino

The Italian restaurant boasts of its able chefs and the lovely dining experience. The variety of dishes offered and the quality service will live you with an unforgettable experience.


Ginza is a Japanese restaurant that combines sushi, salads, desserts and a mix of diverse Teppanyaki dishes to accommodate various preferences.


Osteria is a ritzy and compact Italian restaurant that is known for its authentic cuisine. They offer homemade pasta, pizza. among other Italian dishes.

The Loft (Junction Mall)

The Loft offers a rich and varied mix of cultures and cuisine. They offer Italian, Chinese and Indian dishes to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.


Seek out Misono for an authentic Japanese feel. Its warm atmosphere and innovative nature make it a hub for Japanese cuisine, seafood, vegetarian meals and sushi.

Pampa Churrascaria

Soak up the beautiful culture at the Pampa Churrascaria, a beautiful Brazilian steakhouse that offers an all-you-can-eat system (Rodizio) that accommodates everyone.


Unparalleled by any other, Cedars offers an amazing Lebanese experience. They have embodied the Mezze tradition that includes 24 small dishes served as accompaniments and appetizers. Their array of culinary options takes care of everyone.

Sanjha Chulha

Sanjha Chulha provides a balanced preparation of Indian and Pakistani dishes. The restaurant takes on an undiluted approach to the Pan-Asian culinary scene.

For You

Sleek and intimate, this Chinese restaurant is the perfect hub for those who want to indulge in amazing Chinese cuisine.


Trace back the origins of coffee at this Ethiopian-Eritrean restaurant where you can experience the complete preparation of coffee. They offer a spectacular array of Ethiopian and Eritrean dishes.



Situated on the first floor of the Junction Mall, Mercury Pub and Grill is a traditional English pub with an African touch equipped with the best gins, vodkas and single malt whiskey.

Brew Bistro and Lounge

Enjoy the taste of diverse and delicious array of exceptional beer from the Big Five Breweries made from the best ingredients.

Shopping Malls

Prestige Plaza

Packed with a variety of shops and services, Prestige Plaza is convenient and efficient for any shopper’s needs and preferences.

The Junction Mall

The Junction Mall houses a variety of stores including well-known local and international brands. It also hosts weekly events like the Musical Maasai Market.

The Lavington Curve

The Lavington Curve is a whirlwind of activity with so many places for you and your company to explore.

Lavington Mall

Lavington Mall is a picturesque mall with shops and other services conveniently contained under one roof.

Yaya Centre

Fall in love with shopping again and enjoy a wide collection of the best goods and services at the Yaya Centre.

Valley Arcade

The centre is endowed with various shopping outlets and dining facilities among other services. It offers ample parking space and can be easily accessed through public transport.


Nairobi Women’s Hospital

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital optimizes on gynecological and obstetric services but also offers other treatment services. Their Gender Violence Recovery Centre offers rehabilitation services to rape and domestic violence victims who cannot afford them.

Kenyatta National Hospital

The Kenyatta National Hospital offers exceptional health care services among these being 24 theatres, 16 of which are specialized. It also offers research and training facilities.

Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi Hospital is classified as one of the best healthcare givers in Kenya.  It boasts of superior service and advanced technology used in the treatment offered.

Coptic Hospital

The Coptic Hospital, established by the Coptic Church, offers efficient service and an ambience of trust and safety. They offer a number of affordable specialized treatment centers.

Sports Club

Jaffery’s Sports Club

Jaffery’s Sports club is an exclusive facility open to individuals who want to keep fit. It includes a jogging track open to the public and also offers a wide array of activities each week. The sports club upholds and teaches values such as sportsmanship and unity.